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Role of Technical Education in the Betterment of Pakistan Economy

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Role of technical education in the betterment of Pakistan economy

Technical education is learning something about a specific work scientifically in detail and practical. it is a team related to education which cover the technical part of the subject and the cover. It is required to enhance the knowledge of the student where they define the things with usage of various technical educational International. It is the study of practical knowledge that one gets from the combination of modern technology and sciences creating the innovative & skilled manpower for the betterment of the country.

Technical education is great importance in development of a country's economy.


Pakistan Currently has the target generation of young people's unit history. according to recent united nations Development program report, 64 percent of the total Pakistan population is below the age of 30. that makes it the seven of youngest country in both Asia after Afghanistan and one of the youngest in the world.
This "Youth bulge" provides unique challenges as well as opportunities for the country's social and economic progress. most of the policy makes of developed and developing countries declare technical Education, a master key for the swift economic growth of a nation.
Regrettably, the evidence how that technical education could not play the expected side in the industrial and economic growth of Pakistan. the study aimed to diagnose the causes of not achieving.

Set Targets of Technical education in Pakistan and to suggest the solutions to these problems. The study aimed to diagnose the causes of not achieving set targets Technical Education in Pakistan and to suggest the solutions to these problems the quantitative data. were collected through thirty (30) semi structured interviews of experts, compressing alumni of diploma of associate Engineer (DAE), Faculty members' policy models of other experts of technical Education in Pakistan by using purpose sampling technique.

The study further indicate that, the industry institute linkage is necessary to improve quality of technical education in the country, participation of private sector in technical Education needs to be improved & system should be developed for periodic revision of curricula  & organized professional industrial training of students and faculty numbers.

Almost 10 percent of the youth in Pakistan are unemployed & have no vocational & or technical skills. this area needs urgent attention. Pakistan is vocational Education & training (TVET) system is facing multiple challenges including access, quality equity and relevance to industry. According to the government estimates, about three million young people after the job market each year but the TVET sector can accommodate less than half a Million trainers annually in its  more than 3500 institute across the country Even the graduates of these institute find it hard to get jobs because the training system is outdated and the quality of education is not up to the mark this adversely impacts youth seeking meaningful employment & employers seeking competent
Employees under these reforms, linkages unit be established between industry technical education work in sector such as car machines & plumber will be prepared to get formed verification from technical institute to be able to get better jobs.
The government is aware of this situation education system to make it relevant to the needs of the industry. these reforms are being implanted with the support of European Union & the governments of Germany, Netherlands & Norway.


Hence, (2007) stated that changes in a country's economy is required to prepare young people for the jobs of the future, Technical and Vocational education have important role to play in this process.
Vocational and technical education has been an integral part of national economic development. the worldwide constant innovative changes has shown that future is unpredictable specially it concerned education, technology, skills and competencies, which were considered the bed rock of economic, social and political mobility and growth.
Majority of vocational skills are applicable all over the world & these weak employment opportunities in foreign countries. Technical programs develop the economy by bridging the demand & supply gap with highly skilled workers. better vocational and technical education also attracts foreign investment and foreign exchange inform of foreign conglomerate and foreign students.


Students of BBA 2K19 Batch, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh. 


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