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Is government playing its role in reducing unemployment if not then why?

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Is government playing its role in reducing unemployment if not then why?

Unemployment is to be defined as when a person who is getting higher education but cannot find the job than it means economy is low. High rate of unemployment is the signal of economy distress, but extremely low rate of unemployment is a signal of overheated or too much low rates of economy. If the country economy will go to the low rate then country take the loan from IMF (International Monetary Fund) to reduce unemployment. 
Problems of unemployment. 

There are the some reasons of unemployment. 

1: Rapid increase in Population:
In Pakistan rapid growth of population is the main reason of unemployment. There are different reasons of population growth, is the lack of family planning, lack of women empowerment. In our country birth of daughter is considered as good but birth of son is known as better than girl. If the Population grow up then government will take care of basic things like as education, health, food, etc. 

2: Culture of Nepotism ( Sifarish):
We see the culture of nepotism everywhere in Pakistan. When you are looking for a job in private or public sector, culture of nepotism ( Sifarish) exists there. These types of social evils are the reasons of unemployment. In which the educated and skilled person can not find the job because they do not have the references. These types bad things should be cleaned from Pakistan and all the jobs should be given on merit basis. 

3: Lack of industries:
In the current situation, Pakistan is facing serious financial crisis which is the result of rapid increase of dollar rate, it is because of unbalance of payments. If industries are not available in our country then educated people will not work and they will be in depression and it is dangerous for our health. Lack of industries is also the reason of unemployment. 

4: Poor Education System:
Education system of Pakistan is poor since the creation of Pakistan. Unfortunately, government did not take any special steps to make the education system good. Due to which talented students left the study and did not get the higher education and then they works in shops, stores, labour work etc on daily wages. 

Solutions to reduce unemployment 

1: Rapid Industrialization:
If the government make new industries in big cities of country in which less educated peoples work and talented people also get the job and maintain the economy of Pakistan. It is the best way to reduce unemployment. Another benefit of industry is that we will make new things and import to another countries. 

2: Population Control:
Control of Population in our hands but in villages government should take steps for awareness to control the population. If the population is controlled, then government will give the basic things easily. 

3: Good Education System:
If the education system is good in our country then talented peoples get education easily and get the job. Government should take the action for best education system in our country first of all it should eliminate the copy culture system. Higher best teachers in schools, colleges and Universities to teach us in the best way. 

4: Reconstruction of Agriculture

Pakistan is an agriculture country agriculture is the biggest source of Pakistan's economy. Government take steps to develop the agriculture and support the poor farmers. Give them watering facility and aware from agriculture that how to sow seeds and reap the land etc. 

Unemployment is the serious issue for any country’s economy. It creates negative effects on the economy. Most of the people in Pakistan want to work but don’t have jobs. So government should take the serious action to reduce unemployment. Government should develop the new industries in which people do the work for their better future. Government should aware the country's people to control the Population. If the government will take these steps then our country will be developed like as China, Japan, etc.


Students of BBA 2K19 Batch, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh.

Muhammad Rafay
Babar Ali Dahri
Tabish Mangi

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