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How to reduce burden of migration from rural to Urban areas?

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How to reduce burden of migration from rural to Urban areas?

Migration from rural to urban cites is sometimes beneficial and in the other hand is burden on cites , in past some of the countries recognize that the economic development of cities is from migration of people’s from villages to cities, in economics they shift labor force from less productive work as agricultural work to more productive factories in cities that’s why this activity plays an important role in growth of economy in cities as we also give an example of china that shows China’s growth as a miracle of migration of rural to urban.
The worker’s from rural are hard workers so that’s why productivity output increases and economy growth accelerate and that is an advantage of migration.

There are also two factors who attract people’s to migrate one is 
    1)      Push Factors : Reasons why people  leave rural places,
Ø  Not enough jobs
Ø  Lack of food
Ø  Difficult conditions
Ø  Lack of clean water
Ø  Poor education
Ø  Poor electricity and technology
Ø  Poor sewerage
Ø  Limited or no health care
    2)      Pull Factors : Reasons people move to urban places,
Ø  More work opportunities
Ø  Access to shops
Ø  Better housing
Ø  Better education
Ø  More health care
Ø  Safer
Ø  Clean water
Ø  More technology

Solutions : 

The cities should use the cardinal rule, where their growth is planned, rather than letting them grow on their own. As the local government plans for the city, it should make sure that there is adequate infrastructure to support the growing population and residential areas should be located near civic bodies to improve service provision.
To reduce rural-urban migration, job opportunities can be created in rural areas. This will reduce stress exerted on cities by the increasing number of people. Restricting people to move to cities cannot be used to solve problems associated with urbanization. This is because each citizen has a right to move and settle anywhere as long as he or she is not infringing on other people’s rights.
The major causes of rural-urban migration is identified as; search for better wages, education, political and social stability, better technologies, employment and business opportunities.
1. Equality between residents in rural and urban areas,
2. Empowering rural women in all sectors like agricultural, light industry and etc,
3. Sustaining the necessary sources like food and technology, agricultural,
4. Rehabilitating the infrastructure in rural areas,
5. Providing all the necessary facilities and utilities in their rural areas,
6. Reducing deforestation
7. Providing as many job opportunities as possible in the rural areas e.g. light industry approach (car manufacturing, shoes factories) would be a good opportunity to stop migration from rural to urban areas.

These are some of many ways to stop the migration from rural to big cities.


Students of BBA 2K19 Batch, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh. 

  • Mansoor Alam 
  • Majid Ali
  • Sajid Ali 

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