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Current Main Business Areas of Shaheed Benazir Abad and Potential Business Avenues for Investment

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Current Main Business Areas of Shaheed Benazir Abad and Potential Business Avenues for Investment

The nature of business
Before build up the any kind of business we must need to decide its nature and it refers that what actually we have to do, when have to do, why have to do as well as where have to do.

  For suppose:
         If we are going to initiate a business then we have to decide given things in nature
  • Investment
  • Location
  • Demand
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Profit motive
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Satisfying social needs

Current main business areas of Shaheed Benazir Abad:
1.      Food business
2.      Medicine business
3.      Cloth business
4.      Smart phone business
5.      Property business
6.      Education business
7.      Retail wholesale distribution mix business

      Food Business
As far we have heard 180 million peoples need a food for eating in order to get survival, so it’s one of the best business and also its going on too much here in shaheed Benazir Abad in the form of restaurants, where the every kind of fast food is available and as well as the cafĂ© where the hot and cold drinks are available and also different sweet shops are there. One of the famous drink of Shaheed Benazir Abad is lasii.
       Medicine Business
As far we know that diseases has been going to increases day by day every 4th guy is suffering and struggling for to seek out the stable survival therefore the medicine business can be termed as the most successful , profitable business sector in each and every part of world same as in shaheed Benazir Abad. There are so many medical store and pharmacy beside the hospitals as well as in the mid of city in order to fulfill the need of suffering ones.
       Cloth Business
As far the cloth is too one of the basic need. It refers which we must need for our survival as well we have the political slogan “Roti, Kapra or Makaan”. It also one of the best profitable business in shaheed Benazir Abad. Here is cloth market surrounded in the mid of city and its very expensive market.
       Smart phone Business
As far the smart phone is too becoming the need of peoples for to remain in touch with their closer ones, for embossing the social relation as well for using the internet where the whole world is consider as an village so this business is too going well in shaheed Benazir Abad in order to fulfill the demand of peoples along the quality of brand.
       Property Business
As far it’s to a basic need of peoples. Each and every person need shelter for living so as they may have happy life along their family. Here in shaheed Benazir Abad the property business going best as well as most profitable. Most demanded areas are Bahria town, Farsi bagh and society.
       Education Business
As for the education is too basic need of peoples. It has been necessary for each and every person especially in this modern period. For getting their best survival we must need education, so this is also one of the best business in shaheed Benazir Abad there are lots of private schools, colleges and academies. Some schools are highly ranked because they provide quality education.

       Retail wholesale and distribution mix Business
From selling shampoos, bath soap to cooking oil, vegetables, in your outlet at bulk, retail price etc can also provide a good opportunity to have a stable and continuous source of income without much risk.

Potential business avenues for investment
  • Tourism
  • Industry
  • Transportation

There is no any picnic point in shaheed Benazir Abad. It is also a very profitable business in different countries because many people like to visit different areas.
As far there is no much industries in shaheed Benazir Abad for that reason many people are unemployed and prefer to live in big cities because there are much opportunity of jobs.
As far there is no much transportation facility like Careem and uber in different cities. We think these types of facilities should be provided in shaheed Benazir Abad. It is also a one best business in many cities because people like it.
The business is not a game of kids. It needs an innovative ideas, strategies, goals, planning as well as investment. As we have told about the current business in shaheed Benazir Abad such as medicine, food education, cloth, smart phone and many more business so these all business too based on strategies, goals, planning and investment. Also we have told some business those are not available in shaheed Benazir Abad such as tourism, industry and transportation.


 Students of BBA 2K19 Batch,Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh.

  • Nimra Arshad 
  • Adeela Rehman 
  • Haji Shahmir 

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