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What should our universities be teaching? Degrees or skills?

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What should our universities be teaching? Degrees or skills?

We people that peoples to study but these, that are learning. Peoples are learning that do not apply in the right way in practical life and they do not have sense level and develop, and where are they people taught principle stratigies, yes, it’s fact the University degree perform a important role in our life. Likewise that degree be Computer Science (CS) Information Technology (IT) Or Business Administration (BBA) in the any field you are, Yes, we agree degree is Necessary, and simultaneously skills are essential.

If peoples have degree, But don’t have accomplishment, so you people are useless as we know that, Now a days, Technology industries are move to grow quickly, so Skills are higher place now. So with the hand of Degree, Skills, For Example, If you have IT degree but you people have none of Skills, So you do not any behoof and if you have Experience and accomplishment, no matter you have not degree then you are in the advantage in Due course, the main reason is that you want to apply for any job for suppose for the job requirements that have written in the document, Bachlor degree and three years any company, Don’t require degree, besides skills and experience/experiment are Compulsory.
To Remember, Education will never cease Alienation/Poverty and not deficient if that education will not facilities or, if that will not consign skills, expertise and 2,4 degree but you people cannot earn anything and then you have no idea, contemplation and do not produce anything by technically then well is that in front of that, institution tore the degree which do not get in your Knowledge, In our Country Pakistan, why our institution to take entry test, Why is entry test System? That entry test system is for those students who have A level Grade, then He/ She valuate his Skills or experience, then that Management look after He / She can Solve Problem.

As there is a Motto In Chinese:

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat a day teach a man to fish and

 he’ll eat for a life time”.

That motto of Chinese, if we understand wish! We understand that as chinese.

The Behest of (Hazrat Ali A.S) skilled man will never hunger. Please, Zounds! Universities and other institutes to produce qualified and skilled person not degreeable
In front of there are so many examples. As Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Lexus, Kavasaki, There all companies of China, and there in our country, Business BBA, Enginering, IT students without daily routine there student in Universities for GPA or Degree, Truely is that we are burden on the earth.

You trust that, we are addition of Human on the earth, These all Degreeable Youth Race Or Young Race don’t give the repee profit Or benefit, They are not able to Produce one Rupee Product for Country.

Their all deligence and desires to get degree and to do Job, and we all up to are visionary, at we are consumption million doller in the Laptop scheme But we don’t Construction Laptop Industry, and guess from that today OBOR Or CPEC our all nation discernment that from China to Guadar 2 K.M at that way we build up hotles, shops that we get tau and we will be a rich man as bill gates.


Babar Ali

Zahid Meer

Abdul Waheed

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