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Potential economic growth opportunities in live stock of Pakistan

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Potential economic growth opportunities in live stock of  Pakistan

A nation is said to be blessed if it possesses natural blessings. Pakistan certainly stands at a high position in this regard for it has a diverse atmospheric conditions and natural resources including Huge coal reserves, valuable minerals, fertile land at both plain field level and at high altitudes, rivers and an almost 1120 kilometer long coastline.
The Agriculture portion is also an essential component of Pakistan’s economy as it provides the raw materials to downstream industries and helps alleviate poverty. In Pakistan, nearly 70 percent of the masses are occupied in agriculture practices, contributing 19.8 percent to GDP. Agriculture, moreover, remains by far the largest employer absorbing 42.3 percent of the country’s total labour force.

Unfortunately, livestock remains underutilized in the country. For example, Pakistan is provide with rich fishing potential which is not fully utilized. This may be due to the use of traditional facilities.
Most of the fishing boats in use in Pakistan is generally made of wood, and are unable to meet the demands of the industry. There is thus a dire need to increase the safety of these boats and to equip them with technologically advanced tools that can be used for deep sea fishing.
In Pakistan, Power Development Authority (WAPDA)   and the Water   supervise the development of fisheries. It is reported that the manufacturing of fish can be increased through stocking of hatchery-raised seeds (rohu, silver carp, grass carp, catla, mrigal carp and common carp). About 23,000 mt of fish, valued at Rs.118 million, are being caught by 5,000 fisher individual for their living, and 13,000 anglers as game fishermen.
The whole yield is around 15.5 kg/ha but it is thought that this can be increased to 100 kg/ha. It is also affirm that presently only about 35 percent of the 8.6 million ha of freshwater bodies (reservoirs rivers, , lakes and flood-plains) is being utilized.
Besides fisheries, cattle also remain underutilized in Pakistan. The current population of farm animals in Pakistan consist of 23.34 million buffaloes,  24.24 million sheep, 22.42 million cattle 49.14 million goats and 0.77 million camels. Pakistani buffaloes are riverine type and belong to two species i.e.  Kundi and Nili-Ravi. Nili-Ravi is the great dairy buffalo breed of the world.
Most of these animals are reared by rural masses who lack the advanced knowledge of animal husbandry and do not possess the required capital to invest in prevention, treatment and control of animal ailments.
Moreover, the livestock sector is plagued by many essential issues. Livestock health is a restrict factor in increasing productivity. Either there is absence of knowledge or the sector is plagued by a scarcity of capital to purchase treatment stuff. The people also pay little consent to breeding practices. Mostly bulls with low genetic potential are used which hamper improvements in production.
It is high time we differentiate products from local breeds with the rest of the world.
In Pakistan province Punjab city Sahiwal is ranked as the best milking cattle breed, which yields about 8-10kgs per day, with a fat content of 4.5 %, and an average lactation period of 10 months. Comparatively this is very low milk yield and can be increased by adapting some measures such as worm control and adequate nutrition through regular drenching etc.
Keep in mind the increasing demand for animal products, there is most be needed to develop possible plans. For that purpose, attention must be focused on (a) maintain of pure germplasm by establishment of resource centers throughout the country (b) grass root level counseling and awareness programs for agriculture community aimed at proper nutritional plants for  meat and milk breed to achieve maximum output (c) nation-wise inspection of infectious and non-infectious disease aimed at prophylactic approach for health animals (d) starting programs aimed at development of genetic potential by selective breeding between potential rich and potential poor  animals and (e) creation of transgenic animals for better productive output.
What are the causes of Pakistan economy it does not grow up therefore Pakistan is natural gifted country
The poor political system in Pakistan is the main cause in Pakistan the government of the country does not work to its natural resources so Pakistan is economically weak country
Pakistan's western regions are full of petrol ,gas ,gold, coal ,and uranium. but Pakistan can not use its own resources. if Pakistan starts up taking petrol then our economy can grow like  Saudi Arabia but USA will create a condition like Iraq if Pakistan do this.
Pakistan discovered resources of billions of tons of fuel in Pakistan it possible that one side of Pak-Iran border is full of petrol and other is empty?
 Political commitment to formulate short term and long term policies with consistency
  • Levy of an excise duty on non-essential consumer goods to save foreign reserves.
  • Development of the agricultural income tax by the provinces · Give priority to power, health agriculture, water, and education.
  • Limiting the extent of  government borrowing from the State Bank of Pakistan.
  • Establish an independent Federal Bureau of Statistics headed by a professional that directly reports to the Parliament and not to the Federal government. 


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