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Introduction to Pakistan dairy industry and its problems

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Introduction to Pakistan dairy industry and its problems

Dairy forming is a class of agriculture for long term production of milk which is proceed (either on the farm or at a dairy plant) for eventual sell of a dairy product. Dairy is a major part of food consumption and it plays an important role in Pakistan in the form of milk, meat and egg, Milk is classified as a major and the most used dairy products.

Pakistan is a combination of both traditional and commercial methods of rising dairy animals and producing milk and milk products. During last two decades forming with imported dairy inputs has increased and reached roughly about 1% of the raw milk production. Almost everyday dairy products and milk are becoming costlier the reason is live stock farming is not growing as compare to increase in population and also it’s not matching with the pace of urbanization. Recently in Karachi city the prices of milk increasing without any reason, the prices of milk have gone up from Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 with 25% increase. Also the prices of meat risen up to 30% in last few months. In that situation if we want to control the prices we just have to develop dairy industry on scientific lines. It will not only provide dairy products, milk and meat in good quantity and in good prices to the consumer but it also can produce extra quantities that we can export to other countries and it also can help us in our country’s GDP.

Problems: Pakistan dairy Industry is plagued by a number of problems which include
1.      Lack of commercial dairy farms
2.      Low productivity due to poor nutrition
3.      A weak infrastructure

  •  Lack of commercial dairy farms: In our country we don’t have properly commercialized dairy farms, the majority of production of milk is coming from rural village areas from small and simple dairy farms, we have to start this production in commercial dairies in commercial areas in a huge quantity of products.
  • Low productivity due to poor nutrition: The major reason of poor nutrition is, As we discussed that the dairy farms are not properly commercialized so the investment as input of dairy farms is very low it causes lack of good nutrition for our animals, if we don’t give good nutrition to our farm animals, definitely they will not give us good output in the form of production.
  • A weak infrastructure: As you all know that our dairy farms are not commercialized so, the recent condition of our small farms is very poor, we have to make these farms commercialized and, we have to create a great infrastructure so that our milk giving animals live in that place happy and we have to fulfill their needs of nutrition. We have to give our animals a healthy environment and a place where a huge amount of animals live happily and have a healthy life.

In this article we discussed about what is dairy industry and its importance in Pakistan, and also we have discussed about its recent problems and modern solutions for those problems.


Abdul Rehman

Faizan Ali

M Awais

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