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How to reduce poverty in Pakistan Poverty

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How to reduce poverty in Pakistan Poverty?

Poverty is the state in which a person lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Poverty is said to exist when people lack the means to satisfy their basic needs.It is a state in which people are unable to fulfill their basic needs & the people do not have any kind of social status. 

Poverty In the light of Hadith.
In Islam,poverty is a sign of great curse and unfortunate. Our holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH also prayed to Allah to save him(PBUH) from poverty. “Poverty is a multi dimensional-trend which is characterized by the lack of money & It is also considered as a social state in which ones don’t have ability to accomplish his basic needs. 

There are several types of poverty but here we are going to discuss some of them.. 
1.General poverty 
2.Absolute poverty 
3.Cyclical poverty 
4.Collective poverty 
5.Concentrated collective poverty 
6.Case poverty 
7.Poverty line

1.General poverty: It refers to the existence of poverty in almost all sectors of economy.In case of Pakistan 29.5% population is much poor. 

2.Absolute poverty: It refers to the minimum level of income which is needed to fulfill the basic needs of clothing,food and shelter in order to ensure survival. 

3.Cyclical poverty: It is a type of poverty in which poverty is widespread in all over population.But its occurrence is for a limited or for a minimum duration or time. 

4.Collective poverty: It refers to the permanent insufficiency of basic needs of life. 

5.Concentrated collective poverty: Cities or regions neglected by industry and in areas where agriculture or industry is inefficient and cannot compete profitably,there are found victims of concentrated collective poverty.

6.Case poverty: It refers to the inability of a person or family to secure basic needs even in social surroundings of general prosperity.This inability is generally lack of some basic quality that would permit the individual to maintain himself. 
7.Poverty line: A level of personal or family income below which one is classified as poor according to government standards—is also called poverty level.In pakistan poverty line is a US dollar per day. 

Three Causes Of Poverty 

In Pakistan Pakistan’s economy fluctuates daily, and the nation’s progress is slow. The causes of poverty in Pakistan are innumerable, inhibiting economic growth and development, as well as preventing the poor from escaping poverty. The following are the three main causes of poverty in Pakistan. 

Population growth 
At 1.86 percent, Pakistan has the highest population growth rate in the world. By 2050, the country will surpass 350 million people. According to Commissioner Multan, division, the main reason for such high growth is the lack of family planning. Consequently, a large population has caused unemployment, poverty and lawlessness. 

Largely uneducated populace 
About half of Pakistan’s population is illiterate, and 7.26 million children are out of school due to poverty. According to an Institute of Social and Policy Sciences report, “Pakistan has the second highest number of out-of school children in the world after Nigeria because Pakistan spends the lowest GDP on education in South Asian countries.” The report claims this lack of spending is detrimentally affecting the nation’s school system. Since many children are not in school and are impoverished, child labor is a major issue in Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated in 2005 that there would be 10 to 12 million child workers in Pakistan by 2010-11. In reality, according to an All-Pakistan Labor Force Survey, this number almost doubled to about 21 million child workers. Without education and job skills training, young people cannot adopt the skills needed for employment. Existing systems fail to address the skills demanded by employers, and this hinders economic growth and societal development. Without adequate education, people remain unemployed and do not have the opportunity to rise out of poverty. 

Imbalanced Taxes 
Pakistan’s tax system shows unfortunate proof of the government’s corruption. The system does not differentiate between varying levels of income, but instead focuses significantly on the poor. In fact, 80 percent of the tax revenue comes from the poor for services including utilities, petrol and mobile communication. Meanwhile, the taxes collected from the rich do not exceed five percent. Obed Pasha, lecturer in public policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, told the Asia Times, “What we have is a completely broken system [in Pakistan], where the entire burden is on the poor and large businesses do not pay taxes at all.” Without an income and employment opportunities, the poor cannot afford to pay high taxes, hindering their hope to rise out of poverty in Pakistan. Out of every 10 Pakistanis, four are without the basic needs of life, which include food, shelter, education and healthcare. In order for Pakistan’s poor to rise out of poverty, they must have the adequate resources. Only improved health and education services for the poor and just taxes can increase Pakistan’s economic mobility and development.

How to remove or reduce poverty, Some Suggestions;
Economists suggest following points through which we overcome the poverty rate in Pakistan.

1.Poverty can be reduced by breaking the vicious circle of poverty. 

2.Control of inflation is compulsory to remove poverty. 

3.Use of modern techniques to production & subsidies in utility charges is necessary. 

4.To remove the poverty government should provide more facilities to investors to increase the investment to reduce the unemployment. 

5.Government should allocate more funds for education to reduce literacy rate. 

6.Proper maintenance of law and order is necessary to reduce poverty. 

7.Check on nepotism is necessary to reduce poverty. 8.Development of agricultural and industrial sectors is necessary to reduce poverty. 


Poverty is not bad but remains poor is not well and to accept poverty is so bad.Poverty is increasing day by day in Pakistan so government have to take few steps to overcome the poverty.Government should give some more funds to educational departments because one of the main reason of poverty is uneducated population. Government must have to provide more facilities to investors that they invest more.


Students of BBA 2k19 Batch Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazir abad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Imran Jamali


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