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How freelancing can be helpful in employment generation?

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   How freelancing can be helpful in employment generation?
   Before going to discuss that how freelancing can be helpful in employment generation, firstly we should be clear about what freelancing is about? 

    So simply freelancing is a way to reach online platforms (,,, etc.)
    from which every single individual who is skilled and competent in any field of work can make some amount of money. It could be done as part-time work or a full-time job.

Reasons how & why freelancing can be helpful in employment generation:

1.      We all know that every man wants to work in an environment where he would be his boss and there would be no one whom he may be accountable. These jobs are not very common, so freelancing is all about working on time whenever a man wants.

2.      Many people claim that they are not able to pass any degree for any specific job the reason may wary. It could be because of poverty or there is a lack of interest to complete any degree but for freelancing, you just need a working internet and a device (mobile, computer or laptop) with a skill that can be learned online within months.

3.      There is not any age limitation for doing freelancing.

4.      There is a variety of categories to work in, so this means there is a more chance of employment if someone is interested to work online.

5.      Currently, if we observe Pakistan country is at number 4th when it comes to doing freelancing and if it comes to number one then there is a high chance that Pakistan would be the country who will not only work for itself but for other countries too and where would be an employment generation.

6.      Pakistan's government has been engaging the focus towards freelancing to reduce to the unemployment rate in Pakistan by giving many programs like "Digiskills" with the mission to empower 1 million Pakistani people by giving them digital skills like:

Graphic designing
E-commerce management
Mobile app development
Digital marketing
Creative writing
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content Marketing

According to a survey report, it is estimated that by 2020, 1 in 3 workers worldwide will be freelancing online. Yes, it’s a brave new world indeed; many workers are jeopardizing their full-time jobs to shifting towards self-employment. The world is growing and in near future, there will more online shopping because people nowadays are wise enough and they want their work to be done with just simple clicks. Every business would be online so that clearly means there will be online competition and every firm will want to be at first and this could be only possible if there a skill which We have already mentioned which is SEO. So,  this whole article summarizes that innovative change in the form of freelancing in the whole world will definitely helpful for employment generation in a very flexible way.

Muhammad Bux Magsi

Faraz Unar

Faizan Mallah

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