Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How can we make our youth skillful?

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How can we make our youth skillful?

Youth is known as the backbone of any nation. Youth of a nation plays an important role in the development of a nation. Currently Pakistan is holding largest generation of youth people.
Youth is the heritage of future giving skills and knowledge, a nations development depends on a nation’s youth.

Current Youth Situation
The recent condition of our youth skills is very low as Pakistan has largest number of young peoples but only few of them have skills that’s they use for a country development or to do some productive work.
This all condition is because there is lack of opportunities, professional training institute, and awareness for youth in the country. The degree holders are still unemployed, they are unable to participate in the country development because there is lack of quality education, and there is no proper training institutes in the country. In universities of Pakistan the only give the piece of paper (degree), they have no focus on skills teaching.
Pakistan have around 135 million youth citizens, which makes 63% of the population the government haven’t enough resource to provide jobs to all the youth of the country.
Youth is now becoming a depressed part of our society because of unemployment, and that why they works on small jobs to earn money, to run their family.
Our youth have enough potential to give productivity to its nation but they haven’t resources or platforms where they groomed and give productivity by various skills.
How to improve Youth Skills
For the development of youth skills, skill training centers/institutes play an important role they can lead to positive changes in labor market outcomes or productivity.
One good step that have been taken by our government that they have introduced online skills learning institute named (Digiskills LMC) which’s aims is to polishing youth skills and to get productivity from them.
This institute offers many highly demanded skills like: Creative writing, web development, graphic designing, and business development etc.
There’s a platform of freelancing in which all these skills are highly demanding. In the field of freelancing Pakistan is at 3rd position all around the world and freelancing is growing very fastly so the youth of Pakistan have great opportunity but first they have to learn skills and to groom them.
Government of Pakistan should provide many institutes like digiskills, the focus should be in schools, colleges, and universities there should be teaching of skills so youth at there’s early age should learn different skills.

Investment towards the development of youth skills is intimately linked to Pakistan’s economic, it can lead to improvements in employment, business performance, and online earnings.
Some positive changes will be comes in youths attitude towards work, there way of using knowledge, how they use their skills for earning for their family and for a countries development, their behavior which was because of unemployment and that will also lead in labor productivity.
The ratio of unemployment will be decrease when youth will with full of skills, they will be their own bosses, they don’t depend on jobs.
The people of Pakistan are considered as highly talented and hardworking in the world. When youth, labor, and employees will be full of skills and do their work innovative approach then soon our country will be a well-developed country.


Students of BBA 2K19 Batch,Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh.



Shahzad Ali

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