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Are degree enough to curb unemployment?

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Are degree enough to curb unemployment?

Degree is important  for us because degree gives skills experiences ideas how to work or able to jobs as a like a MBBS students they have a degree than  select who peoples  they have skills experiences and degree of MBBS and standard education that university who give degrees who students which hard worker and skills which done.

·         A higher degree guarantees a particular skill set (which can be translated into work skills) many person has not Degree they have not work in job, when who apply they ability to work, give skills experiences  who got degree of BBA have skills experiences ideas knowledge how to work in bank or others institution or entrepreneur own business how to manage,  who learn skills of other streams of BBA,  has different  streams , Education enhances re-employment outcomes of unemployed workers or other talk degrees gives skills how to do works ability to work.

·      Education  is key of success it will be gradually will gone to depth level of success but me talk about degree prepared to the future when use skills experience  before  use learn universities or Diploma Colleges Civil Diploma or Other technical certificate only trained gives skills how to work and ability workforce make better your in  future.
·         Unemployment affects the unemployed individual and his family, not only with respect to income, but also with respect to health and mortality mentally destroyed as like African community face the problems of food, health, growth, most person have no trade and most person sale Achar is perfect business in Africa, Africa has unemployment problems crises world big level to face life health issues

·         Degree not remove unemployment in a country, country  establishing big hiegh oft ideas planning how to work for country as like a Africa country do poverty removing in Africa it choose work to how to manage work honestly every person tax give his  all resources use only for Africa because want development more thing available so , when our unemployment outcome our every person old man or children our youth only learn education, degree give skills , experience to work how to do.

Causes of Unemployment:

·        Increases in Population
·        Rural urban migration, certain capacity for jobs
·        Downsizing 
·        Lack of credit facility
·        Seasonal variations
·        Technological advancement
·        Lack of skills and work experience
·        Lack of education

     Policies for Reducing Unemployment – Key Theme  

  • Boosting Human Capital – Education and training – a Long run strategy to make better to the workforce more than employable and raise to the level of labor productivity, we make better policy to a country, fiscal period , and more than wants to the peoples
  • When improving work incentives – make work pay to reduce the benefit  dependency and expand the  size of labor supply quality.Stimulus to demand from both the public sector it may connected – keeping aggregate demand high to drive the creation new jobs opportunities.
  • Lower employment taxes to increases labour demand may be cost increases of basic maintenance things of life – example, a reduction in national insurance contributions.
  • Improved export , import competitiveness to provide an injection of demand in the circular flow of income and increases wants of life and not accepted or extra demand of life.

when degree give us skills that  peoples learn technical courses for he do his own work as like a BBA  give skills how to work in finance or marketing,if open new industries than unemployment decreases , not depend upon to the government jobs or you think about after graduation you got job not its true but you learn understand stating your way of business tomorrow done a bright future for you make comfortably with own  hard work.


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