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There is major role of the rural areas on the industrial sector of Pakistan. Most of the industries of Pakistan get their raw material as input from the rural areas such as sugar industries, food industries, cotton industries,  textile industries etc. are the industries which get there input raw material from the different crops cultivated in different rural areas in Pakistan like cotton, wheat, sugar cane etc.

The industrial sector is the backbone of the country its plays very important role in the contribution of gross product of the country. The countries of world are set to be prosperous when there industrial sector is strong. Industrial sector is of great importance for economic development of country. It is historical fact that countries with strong industrial sector have showed more economic growth and development industrial sector has shows improvement in national income and promoting living standards of population.

Industry refers to the sector of economy which is related with manufacturing and production of different products
   Main industries in Pakistan
1.     Textile industries
2.     Sports industries
3.     Sugar industries
4.     Cotton industries
5.     Cement industries
6.     Fertilizer industries
7.     Food industries
8.     Wheat industries

  Types Of industries specially in Rural areas
1.     Textiles
2.     Embriodary
3.     Jewelry
4.     Cutlary
5.     Woodwork
6.     Sports goods
7.     Carpets
8.     Cotton
9.     Sugar
  Some of the Industries in different rural areas of Pakistan
1.     Bandi sugar mill
2.     Jamsahab cotton industry
3.     Look well sport factory Sialkot
4.     Ginza Industry
5.     Sachin sports industry Sialkot
6.     Agro based Inustry tharparkur.
7.     Mustafa Cotton Industry sanghar
8.     Faisal Industries limited Sanghar.
9.     Bismillah Cotton Industry rajanpur
10.Unilever Pakistan Rahim yar khan
11.Naveena Indutries
12.Rakapohi Marbal Industry

Industrial sector is the second largest individual sector of the economy accounting for 24% of the GPD. The activity in the manufacturing sector is comprised of large, medium and small-scale. The industrial production growth rate during the year 2005 remained 6%. Large scale manufacturing growth rate is 19.9%

Most of the present economic problems in Pakistan are ultimately linked to the slow pace of industrial development. Rapid industrialization is considered by the economic exports as the sovereign remedy to put our economy on a sound basis. Importance of industrial sector in Pakistan or role of industrial sector in economic development.

   Higher standard of living
Industrialization helps in increasing the value of output per worker. The income of the labor, due to higher productivity increases. The rise in income raises the living standard of the people.

Pakistan is suffer from low economic conditions it is great problem for developing new industries. Specially in rural areas peoples suffer from poverty , low economic situations. But the rates of things are equal to the urban areas. Another problem specially occurs in the season of sugarcane. Sugarcane cultivated in rural areas of Pakistan. Sugar mills sudden stop to take more sugarcane and they reduce the rates of sugarcane. Some more industries of Pakistan who take advantages of seasons like sugar and cotton season. Industrial sector in rural areas become cause of pollution.Rural areas Industries approaches only huge landlords , accept small agriculturist.
1.     Shortage of Capital
2.     Limited Markets
3.     Limited markets
4.     Lack of technical research
5.     Unbalanced industrial structure
6.     Labor unrest
7.     Nationalization
8.     Lack of specialization
9.     Inflationary pressure
10.Scarcity of minerals
11.Political instability

Government of Pakistan need to take steps for increasing economic Levels. Support industries of Pakistan especially those situated in rural areas. Give them subsidy and restricted them that they never reduce the rates. Rural industries sector reduce poverty and unemployment.
Following are the solutions.
1.     Clear strategy for industrial sector
2.     Provision of infrastructure
3.     Development of capital goods industry
4.     Industrial research
5.     Fiscal incentive
6.     Technical education and training
7.     Optimum diversification
8.     Offer peaceful environment
9.     Expansion of markets
11.Supply of raw material
12.Establishment of government enterprises
How industrial sector can play it’s role in rural areas?
            Industrial development has greater potential in expansion of economic activities and it will eventually help in development of rural assets along with income generation, development of infrastructure, raising standard of living and per capital income for rural people. It create employment, Reduce unemployment, Development of new schools, Reduce poverty . People not migrate to the urban areas .Rural peoples become financially strong. 
o   Industry Sector is the backbone of Pakistan.
o   Industries in Rural areas help in developing rural areas and the peoples of rural areas.
o   Government should give subsidy to the industries.
o Industries need to make his surroundings clean and pollution free environment.
o   It Plays an potential role.


Students of BBA 2K19 Batch,Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh.

  • Mehtab Ali
  • Jawaria Abbas
  • Tatheer Zahra

How technology can support Pakistan economy?

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How technology can support Pakistan economy?

Pakistan is in a very exciting and decisive stage. Decisions taken now will have a far-reaching impact on our future. Politically things cant be any better to steer our economy in a new direction. The need of the moment is to invest in gradually moving Pakistan away from an industrial base to a service based economy. IT Industry is a service industry that can provide a significant boost to our economic growth in next ten years.

Technology in Pakistan is a growing industry that has the potential to expand more in the future. Matters relating to the IT industry are overseen by the Ministry of Information Technology of the Government of PakistanThe IT industry is regarded as a successful sector of Pakistan economically, even during financial crisis. The first IT policy and implementation strategy was approved under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman FRS, then Federal Minister of Science & Technology, in August 2000 which laid the foundations of the development of this sector . Thereafter two policies were launched by the Ministry of IT under the leadership of Anusha Rahman Khan, Federal Minister for IT and Telecom (2013-2018). The Telecom Policy was announced in December 2015 , and later National Digital Pakistan Policy that was approved by the cabinet in May 2018.In 2001, a 15 year tax holiday was approved to promote the IT industry which has the grown from $ 30 million to over $ 3 billion during the last 16 years. A nationwide programme to train teachers was initiated by Intel in March 2002 in Pakistan on the request of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman which has resulted in the training of 220,000 teachers across 70 districts at no cost to the government.The government of Pakistan has given incentives to IT investors in the country during the last decade, this resulted in the development of the IT sector. From 2003 to 2005.

Investment in the human capital: Two challenges arise here. First is that need to improve general education outcomes across all levels. Second is to improve the skill set of the Pakistani labor force.

Reform the financial sector: Currently only 14 percent of Pakistanis have bank accounts; hence access to finance is very limited. The financial sector needs to be reformed with a keen focus on who it lends to, on what conditions, to what end and how it can be made more accessible across a wide array of stakeholders including individuals, the private sector and the public sector. System of creating/providing credit to these people engaged in small medium enterprises is very important. They require access loans bigger than what micro finance banks offer.


Aftab Ahmed

Hassam Ahmed

How can we make our youth skillful?

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How can we make our youth skillful?

Youth is known as the backbone of any nation. Youth of a nation plays an important role in the development of a nation. Currently Pakistan is holding largest generation of youth people.
Youth is the heritage of future giving skills and knowledge, a nations development depends on a nation’s youth.

Current Youth Situation
The recent condition of our youth skills is very low as Pakistan has largest number of young peoples but only few of them have skills that’s they use for a country development or to do some productive work.
This all condition is because there is lack of opportunities, professional training institute, and awareness for youth in the country. The degree holders are still unemployed, they are unable to participate in the country development because there is lack of quality education, and there is no proper training institutes in the country. In universities of Pakistan the only give the piece of paper (degree), they have no focus on skills teaching.
Pakistan have around 135 million youth citizens, which makes 63% of the population the government haven’t enough resource to provide jobs to all the youth of the country.
Youth is now becoming a depressed part of our society because of unemployment, and that why they works on small jobs to earn money, to run their family.
Our youth have enough potential to give productivity to its nation but they haven’t resources or platforms where they groomed and give productivity by various skills.
How to improve Youth Skills
For the development of youth skills, skill training centers/institutes play an important role they can lead to positive changes in labor market outcomes or productivity.
One good step that have been taken by our government that they have introduced online skills learning institute named (Digiskills LMC) which’s aims is to polishing youth skills and to get productivity from them.
This institute offers many highly demanded skills like: Creative writing, web development, graphic designing, and business development etc.
There’s a platform of freelancing in which all these skills are highly demanding. In the field of freelancing Pakistan is at 3rd position all around the world and freelancing is growing very fastly so the youth of Pakistan have great opportunity but first they have to learn skills and to groom them.
Government of Pakistan should provide many institutes like digiskills, the focus should be in schools, colleges, and universities there should be teaching of skills so youth at there’s early age should learn different skills.

Investment towards the development of youth skills is intimately linked to Pakistan’s economic, it can lead to improvements in employment, business performance, and online earnings.
Some positive changes will be comes in youths attitude towards work, there way of using knowledge, how they use their skills for earning for their family and for a countries development, their behavior which was because of unemployment and that will also lead in labor productivity.
The ratio of unemployment will be decrease when youth will with full of skills, they will be their own bosses, they don’t depend on jobs.
The people of Pakistan are considered as highly talented and hardworking in the world. When youth, labor, and employees will be full of skills and do their work innovative approach then soon our country will be a well-developed country.


Students of BBA 2K19 Batch,Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad Sindh.



Shahzad Ali

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What should our universities be teaching? Degrees or skills?

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What should our universities be teaching? Degrees or skills?

We people that peoples to study but these, that are learning. Peoples are learning that do not apply in the right way in practical life and they do not have sense level and develop, and where are they people taught principle stratigies, yes, it’s fact the University degree perform a important role in our life. Likewise that degree be Computer Science (CS) Information Technology (IT) Or Business Administration (BBA) in the any field you are, Yes, we agree degree is Necessary, and simultaneously skills are essential.

If peoples have degree, But don’t have accomplishment, so you people are useless as we know that, Now a days, Technology industries are move to grow quickly, so Skills are higher place now. So with the hand of Degree, Skills, For Example, If you have IT degree but you people have none of Skills, So you do not any behoof and if you have Experience and accomplishment, no matter you have not degree then you are in the advantage in Due course, the main reason is that you want to apply for any job for suppose for the job requirements that have written in the document, Bachlor degree and three years any company, Don’t require degree, besides skills and experience/experiment are Compulsory.
To Remember, Education will never cease Alienation/Poverty and not deficient if that education will not facilities or, if that will not consign skills, expertise and 2,4 degree but you people cannot earn anything and then you have no idea, contemplation and do not produce anything by technically then well is that in front of that, institution tore the degree which do not get in your Knowledge, In our Country Pakistan, why our institution to take entry test, Why is entry test System? That entry test system is for those students who have A level Grade, then He/ She valuate his Skills or experience, then that Management look after He / She can Solve Problem.

As there is a Motto In Chinese:

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat a day teach a man to fish and

 he’ll eat for a life time”.

That motto of Chinese, if we understand wish! We understand that as chinese.

The Behest of (Hazrat Ali A.S) skilled man will never hunger. Please, Zounds! Universities and other institutes to produce qualified and skilled person not degreeable
In front of there are so many examples. As Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Lexus, Kavasaki, There all companies of China, and there in our country, Business BBA, Enginering, IT students without daily routine there student in Universities for GPA or Degree, Truely is that we are burden on the earth.

You trust that, we are addition of Human on the earth, These all Degreeable Youth Race Or Young Race don’t give the repee profit Or benefit, They are not able to Produce one Rupee Product for Country.

Their all deligence and desires to get degree and to do Job, and we all up to are visionary, at we are consumption million doller in the Laptop scheme But we don’t Construction Laptop Industry, and guess from that today OBOR Or CPEC our all nation discernment that from China to Guadar 2 K.M at that way we build up hotles, shops that we get tau and we will be a rich man as bill gates.


Babar Ali

Zahid Meer

Abdul Waheed

How freelancing can be helpful in employment generation?

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   How freelancing can be helpful in employment generation?
   Before going to discuss that how freelancing can be helpful in employment generation, firstly we should be clear about what freelancing is about? 

    So simply freelancing is a way to reach online platforms (Fiverr.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, etc.)
    from which every single individual who is skilled and competent in any field of work can make some amount of money. It could be done as part-time work or a full-time job.

Reasons how & why freelancing can be helpful in employment generation:

1.      We all know that every man wants to work in an environment where he would be his boss and there would be no one whom he may be accountable. These jobs are not very common, so freelancing is all about working on time whenever a man wants.

2.      Many people claim that they are not able to pass any degree for any specific job the reason may wary. It could be because of poverty or there is a lack of interest to complete any degree but for freelancing, you just need a working internet and a device (mobile, computer or laptop) with a skill that can be learned online within months.

3.      There is not any age limitation for doing freelancing.

4.      There is a variety of categories to work in, so this means there is a more chance of employment if someone is interested to work online.

5.      Currently, if we observe Pakistan country is at number 4th when it comes to doing freelancing and if it comes to number one then there is a high chance that Pakistan would be the country who will not only work for itself but for other countries too and where would be an employment generation.

6.      Pakistan's government has been engaging the focus towards freelancing to reduce to the unemployment rate in Pakistan by giving many programs like "Digiskills" with the mission to empower 1 million Pakistani people by giving them digital skills like:

Graphic designing
E-commerce management
Mobile app development
Digital marketing
Creative writing
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Content Marketing

According to a survey report, it is estimated that by 2020, 1 in 3 workers worldwide will be freelancing online. Yes, it’s a brave new world indeed; many workers are jeopardizing their full-time jobs to shifting towards self-employment. The world is growing and in near future, there will more online shopping because people nowadays are wise enough and they want their work to be done with just simple clicks. Every business would be online so that clearly means there will be online competition and every firm will want to be at first and this could be only possible if there a skill which We have already mentioned which is SEO. So,  this whole article summarizes that innovative change in the form of freelancing in the whole world will definitely helpful for employment generation in a very flexible way.

Muhammad Bux Magsi

Faraz Unar

Faizan Mallah